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Our guests often see and photograph interesting sights on Rowleys Bay during their stay here. We invite you to email us your favorite photos to our Rowleys Bay album. Whether it’s the fish that didn’t get away, an unusual flower, a sunset or sunrise, a bird or a beast, we’d love to see it here with your captions/comments!

Rowleys Bay Resort is situated on 100 secluded acres dominating a pristine, undeveloped bay on Lake Michigan. To the northwest lies the Mink River, one of the few unspoiled estuaries in the Great Lakes system. Bordered by protected Nature Conservancy property, the river flows through coniferous swamps, a large marsh and empties into Lake Michigan at Rowleys Bay. On a boat, canoe or kayak trip, you'll see blue-joint grass, willow, dogwood, alder shrubs, bulrush, wild rice, cattails, bur-reed, water lilies, red osier, dwarf lake iris and dune thistle. The north side of Rowleys Bay is bordered by Newport State Park, with Sand Bay Park providing a southern border, accessible via the resort's five miles of hiking trails.

Birders can enjoy four-season bird watching on the Mink River Estuary and the resort's never-frozen bay. An estimated 200 species pass through annually, including bitterns, great blue herons, black-crowned night herons, sedge wrens, yellow rails, northern harriers, marsh hawks, blue-winged teal, loons, black ducks, red-breasted mergansers, swans, sandhill cranes and bald eagles. On any given day you will see a variety of birds using the bay as a landing strip.

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